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According to Anthony Abbatiello, principal, Deloitte Consulting and global leader of Deloitte Leadership, $400 billion is wasted every year in failed digital transformations. Even though many companies profess to have digital strategies, they don’t fully understand what it’s actually going to take or haven’t pinpointed what they want the business to look like.

There’s also an element of “executive tourism” as senior managers see things they like in Silicon Valley and seek to cut-and-paste them into their own organizations.

So, they embark on “random acts of digital” rather than create a cohesive strategy. They invest in digital technology and are disappointed when the expected massive change (and returns) don’t appear.

Despite such failure rates, digital transformation can be successful. But, it’s going to take a mind-set…

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Interesting from the Harvard Business Review.

"Across industries and across countries, a small number of superstar firms are pulling away from the competition. They’re more productive, more profitable, more innovative, and they pay better.

But why are these companies doing so well? Are they out-competing their rivals, or are they using their size and influence to avoid competition altogether?

One answer to that first question shows up in study after study: superstar firms are succeeding in large part due to information technology."

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The Case for Digital Reinvention


A new report from McKinsey provides further evidence of a strong positive correlation between digital maturity and subsequent financial performance.

In an era of rapid digital change and digital disruption, the report concludes that “bold, tightly integrated digital strategies will be the biggest differentiator between companies that win and companies that don’t”. The biggest payouts will go to companies that initiate digital disruptions.

Fast-followers with operational excellence and superior organisational health won’t be far behind.

Based on detailed research, the report lists the distinguishing characteristics of ‘digital winners’.

Please visit the Bridgeall blog for a more detailed summary of the main research…

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Evidence is emerging of a growing digital divide between organisations who ‘get IT’ and those who don’t; between those using digital technology to successfully transform their business and those still stuck on the starting blocks.

A new report from Harvard Business School provides evidence that this digital divide is already having a major impact on subsequent financial performance.

Based on detailed research covering 344 large US based enterprises, the Harvard study concludes that ‘digital leaders’ (enterprises who are transforming digitally) outperform ‘digital laggards’ across a range of financial measures.

Organisations that sit in the top quartile of Harvard’s Digital Transformation Index achieve significantly better gross margins, earnings and net income than organisations in the bottom digital quartile. A similar…

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According to new research by Harvard Business Review (HBR) Analytic Services, there is a strong positive relationship between digital leadership and business performance. Successful companies have a CIO taking a leadership stance in digital transformation.

The top seven strategies of CIOs within companies that HBR considers “Digital Leaders” - organizations strong in both digital leadership and management - are shown in the infographic below.

A key finding is the importance of digital learning. Digital Leaders place considerable emphasis on raising the digital skills bar having CIOs who are educating and empowering line of business leaders in digital knowledge.

To download the full report, click here (registration…

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